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Up-Front Fees for MLS Listings? No Thanks!

Why do so many National Flat Fee and discount companies charge an up-front fee to list your property? The reason that companies such as,,,,,, and others charge an up-front fee is because they are not the ones who are actually listing your property. They rely on licensed brokers to submit these listings to the MLS and quite often, these brokers are not physically located in the same state as the listing. So in essence, you are paying a company a "finders fee" to connect you to a broker who is then going to charge you a commission when you sell your home and possibly added additional charges such a transaction coordinator fees or additional amounts for pictures or changes in your original listing. Avoid the middle man - look for brokers directly in your state and area when you are looking to buy or sell. Sellers - check out this article on additional fees you may not be aware of when selling your home -

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