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Blog - Why Choose a Flat Fee Realtor? 03/12/23

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Full commission agents try to dissuade customers from Flat Fee and Discount Brokers/Agents all of the time. When I talk to my clients about what they have heard, one of the remarks that I hear is "Flat Fee Realtors do not have the experience to navigate a transaction with professionalism". While this may be the case in other states, this is not true in Colorado. Flat Fee Agents, Discount Brokers, Limited Service Agents and traditional commission agents are all required to perform the same duties. Regarding experience? Look up some of the Flat Fee Brokers sales verses full commission agents - Flat Fee Agents on average sell more houses per year than a traditional agent.

Another remark I have heard is "You get what you pay for". Also, not true. Since you are getting the same service as an agent that charges 6%, you are getting more! When I look at traditional agencies, I wonder what it is I do gain as a seller for paying more? What do they do that is above and beyond any other agent? I will tell you - not a whole lot. Open houses do not sell houses - internet advertising sells houses and every agent in the nation uses this to their marketing advantage. There is no "trick" to internet advertising - only smoke and mirrors to make them sound like they are earning the money you have given them. Next time a highly paid commission agent tried to tell you why you should not go with a Flat Fee Agent, tell them thank you - but you have learned to sell smarter!!!! Check out this article on the benefits that you can expect from a Flat Fee Brokerage and check out our website at to see our low Flat Fee offers -

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