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Why is Flat Fee Real Estate Different in Colorado? Dated 02/11/23

Many people do not know about Flat Fee companies. Almost ever other state - other than Colorado - offers flat fee services for a low price for Sellers to advertise their listing in the MLS. Colorado is different. Colorado is what is considered a minimal service state -and there are only about 5 of these states left in the US. A minimal service state means that Realtors are required to perform a minimum service throughout the contractual time between Seller and Seller's Agent. Because of these minimal requirements, you get the same service from a Flat Fee company that ANY other agent is required to provide in Colorado. This includes CMAs to help with pricing your home, drafting contracts, handling and presenting offers, guidance through Inspection, Appraisal and other dates and deadlines in the Contract to Buy and Sell and title assistance with closing. Do not be fooled by Brokers telling you that Flat Fee companies will not work for you, because in Colorado that is exactly what we do - and for LESS! Please see link below for Colorado minimum requirements for Brokers in Commission Position 36 -

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