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Blog - Make Money Buying a Home: A Closer Look at How to Maximize this Benefit 04/02/23

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Most people buying a home only think about how much it will cost them. What people do not think about is how they can MAKE money when buying a home! Most agents will not tell you this, but some agents (including myself) offer buyer rebates. What is a buyer rebate? A Buyer rebate is when a buyer's agent rebates a portion of their commission back to the buyer to help cover closing costs or buy-down points. Typically, the more you do your own footwork to find a home, the more money you can earn - same concept that buyer's agents use.

How can you take charge of finding your new home? There are many different ways that most people do not consider. First, look for open houses on Zillow. You are allowed to attend open houses normally without an agent. Also, look in the "other" category on Zillow. This is where some sellers choose to sell FSBO, or For Sale By Owner. You can check other For Sale By Owner Sites such as, and Craigslist are all good sources. Be mindful of sites such as and as they are advertised as For Sale By Owner, but normally there is an agent involved. Also, be cautious of They may offer a buyer rebate, but only if you have a property to list with them to sell. If you find a house that you cannot get into without an agent, talk to that agent to see if they offer buyer rebates.

Once you find the perfect home, having representation through the transaction is critical. A licensed Realtor can help you navigate the loan process, ensure that inspection items are addressed, assist in obtaining current HOA documents if applicable and decipher title documents looking for anything that may cause future issues with the property. At, our mission is to save you thousands whether buying or selling. The article below explains more about how this process can work and put money in your pocket as a buyer -

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